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We can’t change the past

but we can change the future

The founder and key director has been involved in rubber-related industries for the past 15 years, from raw rubber and servicing the retail tyre markets & developing a unique tyre recycling technology arm, making Waste Tyre Solutions Inc. has the ability to yield a very much competitive edge especially in reducing the cost of production among the competitors that with only mid and downstream. With the expertise and exposure of Waste Tyre Solutions Inc. it can formulation and development of new and improved rubber compounds use in the manufacturing of our tyre retreading materials and ability to leverage on our downstream activities to provide our valued customer with total tyre retreading solutions to meet their specific needs. We believe the ability to integrate our business and operations across the upstream to downstream is the key element to maintained competitiveness in the market. With a team of passionate chemists, our rubber compounding formulations database has been frequently updated with various kinds of feedback from our end-users in order to ensure our technologies and materials shall not be easily plagiarised by other competitors.

To reinvent tyre recycling by transforming the scrap tyre into a valuable and sustainable resource.

Our Vision

Our Mission

To build profitable, sustainable, and global solutions for the collection, processing, and recycling of scrap tyres by developing and implementing innovative technologies and business processes.

Principal Activities

Waste Tyre Solution Inc, a company focus on tyres’ circular economy, is a one-stop solution center for waste tyres – from pyrolysis, de vulgarizes & manufacture pre-cured tread liner & other rubber products. With years of research & development effort, we developed unique recycling technology to produce recycled rubber with better properties, which could replace the usage of natural rubber. These developments have allowed us to leverage the material in the downstream activities within the tyre retreading value chain. From Recycle of waste, manufacturing PRecured Tread Liner, & tyre retreading, we give our best to ensure the safety of the environment.

Our Vision

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Ms. Ooi Seok Fun

Finance Manager

Mr. Lee Wil Liam

Sales Manager

Mr. Ng Ka Weng


Mr. Tan Chin Poh

Procurement Director

Mr. Poh Soon Keng

CEO, Sales & BD

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