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WASTE TYRE SOLUTIONS INC has the ability to yield a very much competitive edge especially in reducing the cost of production among the competitors that with only mid and downstream. It can helps us in our formulation and development of new and improved rubber compounds use in the manufacturing of our tyre retreading materials and ability to leverage on our downstream activities to provide our valued customer with total tyre retreading solutions to meet their specific needs. We believe the ability to integrate our business and operations across the upstream to downstream is the key element to maintained competitiveness in the market.



  • Natural rubber market to reach USD 33.87 billion by 2027

  • The global retread tyre market is estimated to reach USD 13.6 billion by the end of 2028 while expending at CAGR of 4.6%

  • Every year 1.6 billion / 1 billion waste tyre generated; Current recycling industry capacity is 100 million tires per year


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  • Circular Economy: Recycling end-of-life tyres reducing carbon footprint.

  • USD1.7 billion addressable market

  • Acquire unique, defensible technology impacting triple bottom line - PLANET, PROFIT, PEOPLE

  • Experienced management in tyre business ready to have target as roll-up platform

  • Debt at 9% coupon. Warrant for lenders to buy 1000 Shares at $2 for every $10,000 Note.


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